A journey of such magnitude that it turned a man into a legend and a god.

Earth Circa 3810 CE
Form Of Government – Democratically Elected Global Council.
Earth recycles almost every thing it uses now.

It is a warm, warm planet now, even after all the climate care. Even though the dreaded Anoxic event did not happen, ice has pretty much gone except at the tip of north pole and highest peak of Himalayas. People are no longer allowed to go to these areas and many other areas to keep the ecological balance intact. Many species have been extinct, specially marine.Coastal Areas have been submerged, NY City was relocated inland. There are no more small islands left on Earth. Diving to see the old Submerged places is one of the travel tours.

Population has stabilized.

Humanity has turned inwards, replacing the previous religions with a devout following of the One Planet for Humanity.

Space exploration is prohibited.

Subjection has come dressed as rules and a global hidebound insular attitude is causing humanity to  willfully close its eyes to the upcoming danger.

Any man who takes on the mantle to rattle this cage and rally those few who will follow him to be the future of humanity will become a god.