To be in love with some one who is technically dead.

I am delighted by the brain’s capacity to create realities that are technically non-existent.  Amazed really,  by the mind’s insistence that mere facts should never ruin one’s custom tailored truth.

I am delighted and amazed because I am in the habit of pretending that Issac Asimov is alive and well and any day now he will realize that I was always the prime love of his life. He will realize this and come to me, begging for a date, which will, of course, happen because we are not letting the technicalities like my marital status ruin this glorious reality.

Observe that I say reality, not imagination.

Imagination, my friends,  is for squares. True Believers are not squares, they are non linear, like space and time and they revel in the existence of alternate realities and parallel universes.

Lewis Carrol is dead, long live Quantum Mechanics.

How about a Vampire Wizard kid and an interesting closet ?

I had just turned 11 and  visiting an obscure relative’s home in a farmland. There happened to be a huge cupboard in one of the empty rooms  and one day I hid in it to escape my fat bully of a cousin. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the cupboard was in fact a portal to a magical world and realized that I was actually a witch and a vampire – my true family had been slaughtered by a evil wizard – who was also a werewolf- named Lord Helsing.

Eat your heart out Harry and Peter And Lucy and Edward….my story is so much cooler than yours. Actually, so much more cool that the cupboard turned out to be a defunct refrigerator.

(My creative juices are a messy product of the outside stimulation I receive continuously and I am beginning to lose hope that anything worth while will ever pop out of my mind.)

I want to write a novel about cupcakes

It seems they are all the rage right now, as a snack choice as well as a writing topic. I want to write a novel about cupcakes and just like the trendy looking young women in the panty liner commercial, I would like a pink on pink cover adorned with a single, hep looking cupcake, frosted with, what else, pink, a delicate hand reaching for it, a manicured hand, a dressed in a solitaire diamond and charm bracelet hand. Title of the book will be printed on the top, something catchy and cute, such as “A Frosted Life.”
It would be written with the Goldilock Principle in mind – all things in it would be ‘just right,’ happy medium all the way. So, the main protagonist, female of course, will be not too young, not too old. She will be not too rich, not too poor. She will fall in love with a ‘wrong sort,’ – too rich, too handsome, too fit, and come to her senses and end up with Mr. Just Right . All this time will also be spent in a quest of self realization and self-fulfillment through, you guessed it, cupcakes.
I can not go wrong with this. I am already salivating with the ideas of Red Velvet Cupcake with Coca-Mocha Frosting and Strawberries and Cream Cupcake With White Chocolate frosting and the liquid brown eyes and brown hair of the moderately handsome guy…

Someone help me…quick.