Space Symposium

I need to write a report about my fun, fun, fun time at the Space Symposium in Orlando before the year is over. For that I will need to dig out my notebook.

Yes people, I went to a space symposium and took notes on a the lowest of low technology thingy – a dead tree product if you will – and in process acquired three pens that Paris Hilton would approve of. Although, I think mentioning Paris Hilton may disqualify me forever from an event of this ilk.

But I digress, I need to write a short report. Not because any of the netizens may want to read it, but because i promised myself that I will do it.

Working on my novel

I am working on two novels and I have two more sitting on the side lines pretending to be mere ideas. Two of them are for my daughter – juvenile fiction I think they call them – and two are for me. I have a horrendous feeling that will end up with one very large and confused book which will hop between the genres of SciFi, History, Contemporary Juvenile and maybe a few more…all the characters will get tangled so it will become a story of a brave princeling, space traveling as a convict and finally settling down and opening his own bake shop on an M class planet in Epsilon Indi.

Any takers ??