I want to write a novel about cupcakes

It seems they are all the rage right now, as a snack choice as well as a writing topic. I want to write a novel about cupcakes and just like the trendy looking young women in the panty liner commercial, I would like a pink on pink cover adorned with a single, hep looking cupcake, frosted with, what else, pink, a delicate hand reaching for it, a manicured hand, a dressed in a solitaire diamond and charm bracelet hand. Title of the book will be printed on the top, something catchy and cute, such as “A Frosted Life.”
It would be written with the Goldilock Principle in mind – all things in it would be ‘just right,’ happy medium all the way. So, the main protagonist, female of course, will be not too young, not too old. She will be not too rich, not too poor. She will fall in love with a ‘wrong sort,’ – too rich, too handsome, too fit, and come to her senses and end up with Mr. Just Right . All this time will also be spent in a quest of self realization and self-fulfillment through, you guessed it, cupcakes.
I can not go wrong with this. I am already salivating with the ideas of Red Velvet Cupcake with Coca-Mocha Frosting and Strawberries and Cream Cupcake With White Chocolate frosting and the liquid brown eyes and brown hair of the moderately handsome guy…

Someone help me…quick.

One thought on “I want to write a novel about cupcakes

  1. And of course, this fits in neatly with your declared choice of the history-as-science-fiction genre :). If you are good and finish your novel (while I hold the gun to your head, of course), then you can have all the cupcakes your heart desires. Till then its tofu and water, girl!

    Love the blog!!

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