Fashion Structure and our place in it.

So, I am reading this article in in N Y Times – “With the Release of ‘25,’ Adele Flexes Some Fashion Muscles“- and it starts with this wondrous opening – “Now that the Adele juggernaut has officially begun with the release of “25,” and as we all prepare to be inundated with her image in related videos, marketing and events, it is hard not to wonder if this album will be the one that finally delivers her place in the fashion power structure, along with peers like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.”

People, I have questions. Questions that will make me sound like a total imbecile to all the trendy, fashion forward populace, questions that make me question my feminine side, which, in all honesty, should be most of me.

They start benignly enough – Belated release of a musical album from an artist can be termed as a juggernaut now? Huh. Who knew?

Then comes the harder ones.

There is a ‘fashion power structure’? And more importantly, one wonders about the placement of sundry people in this said power structure?

I think I may have to read the entire Foundation series to forget having read this.





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